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      Pine Oil
      Alpha Pinene
      Beta Pinene
      Gum Turpentine
      Beta Caryophyllenol
      Delta-3- Carene
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    Founded in 1998, Linxing Pine Chemcals is located in Baishi industrial development zone, Yunan district, Yunfu city, Guangdong Province of China. Traveling by express way, the distance from our company to Guangzhou city is about 200kilometer.There is convenient transportation to and from our company and, we are also located in a favorable geographical position.

    Linxing Pine Chemicals is a comprehensive company i...

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    版權所有:云浮市林興林化有限公司   Telephone:0766-8652808    Address:Baishi Industrial Development Zone,Yunan District,Yunfu City,Guangdong Province,China   Technical Support:鴻帆網絡